Alongside my extensive work in theatre, I have always had a strong interest in film. I have worked predominantly as a producer and actor, producing and exhibiting independent low budget feature films, often working in partnership with my brother Brett Harvey.

My film credits include:


Brown Willy

Dir: Brett Harvey (2016)

Producer / Lead Actor

Michael and Pete have been best mates for over 35 years. Michael is about to get married. He doesn’t want a traditional ‘stag do’ and instead opts for a quiet weekend camping on the wilds of Bodmin Moor. Pete, however, has other ideas.

After an unexpectedly debauched first night the two men find themselves disorientated and lost. As they attempt to get back to civilization they find themselves in an increasingly desperate battle with the barren terrain, unforgiving environment and… each other.

Brown Willy is a beautifully shot comedy drama about friendship against the odds, that shows one of Cornwall’s most stunning areas in all its brutal majesty.


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‘Cornwall’s answer to Withnail and I’
— - Ryan Gilbey, The New Statesman


Weekend Retreat

Dir: Brett Harvey (2011)

Co -Producer / Supporting Actor

Karen and Duncan Campbell are stuck in a loveless marriage. Trying in vain to patch up their fractured relationship, they escape for the weekend in a picturesque house in the beautiful Cornish countryside.

Kevin and Gary Tregidger are estranged stepbrothers brought together by a family tragedy. Destitute, desperate and at their lucks end, they hatch a plan to change their fortunes by burgling an isolated house in the deserted Cornish countryside.

There’s just one snag: it’s the same house.

As the weekend draws on, the Campbells find themselves held hostage and the Tregidgers get increasingly out of their depth. The stakes are raised as secrets are revealed, relationships are pushed to breaking point and body parts are lost.

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“A darkly comic twist on the domestic hostage situation… adds momentum to the Cornish new wave”
— - David Parkinson, Empire Online

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The Midnight Drives

Dir: Mark Jenkin (2007)


Andy (Colin Holt) is a divorcee who brings his two young children, Casey and Gabby on an out-of-season trip to Cornwall. Though struggling to build a relationship with these virtual strangers Andy is unwilling to waste a single precious moment and attempts to recreate the idyllic family holidays of his own youth.

As the trip wears on, relationships become increasingly strained until Andy decides to take his sleepy children on a series of spontaneous, dreamlike excursions that become THE MIDNIGHT DRIVES.

‘A moving film about parentage with an exceptional performance from Colin Holt at its centre’
— - Derek Malcolm, The Evening Standard