Quotes & Testimonials

‘I’ve worked with Simon for many years - from drunken ducks and Dickens to the dark delights of Dracula - and it’s always been a great experience. He has a fine understanding of his craft and leads with inspired direction. I love working with this man!’
— Dave Mynne (Rabbit Theatre / Kneehigh)
Simon has a wonderful ability to tell a story. He is able to clearly drive narrative whilst pushing the creativity and imagination of the work. He is a joy to collaborate with and I trust him completely.
— Ed Rowe (Kernow King)
I have known Simon as a Performer, Producer and friend for almost 20 years and in short, i am a fan!  He is skilled and confident, fun and disciplined whilst having a wicked sense of humour and natural authority.  I have been lucky enough to work with Simon as my Associate on several productions and always breathe a sigh of releif when he’s by my side.  I trust him implicitly with the deeper meanings and nuances of the work.  He is great at detail which provides a great balance to my instinctive broad brush strokes! In fact, when maintaining productions on tour in the UK and abroad, they often come back better and stronger than when i said goodbye.

— Emma Rice (Wise Children)
His brilliant directorial abilities have made him the ‘go to man’ for Cornwall’s finest theatre companies. He has a wonderfully subtle and kind approach with the actors he works with, eliciting their finest performances.
— Sheila Vanloo (Radio St Austell Bay)
Si is a BIG man in all senses of the word. He can pretty much do anything - ask him.
— Mike Shepherd (Kneehigh)