Noyes Fludde (2014) for Kneehigh / Orchestival

Large Scale Site Specific, Bath and West Show Ground


A large scale site specific performance of Benjamin Britten’s iconic community Opera which tells the story of Noah’s Ark. Featuring a cast made up of professional Opera singers, choristers, volunteers, a community Orchestra and members of the London Philharmonic and an entire Primary school (over four hundred children), this show was performed during a mighty (actual) storm to an audience of 1200 people in a vast cattle shed at the Bath and West show ground.

“I have never experienced music quite in this way before.  Waves of sound, song, left to right, front to back, up and down. School children singing their hearts out on the perimeter, the Gossips wandering amongst us tunefully; central was Noah’s ark with principle singers and the orchestra facing us.  From high above, God  (played brilliantly by young Helena Bonham Carter lookie-likey Eleanor Westbrook) looked down – commanding Noah from her perch on a mechanical cherry picker’.
— Don’t mention the M word Blog