Owdyado Theatre

Above Bored (2014)


(Small Scale Touring Southwest / National)

(Director / Dramaturg)

EvaBond Adhesive Supplies is in trouble. In its south-west office, Regional Manager Graham White has been found bludgeoned to death with his own name plaque.
As employees are questioned by the police, two Sales and Distribution Coordinators , Jean and Jenny, emerge as the prime suspects. Under questioning, their protestations of job satisfaction and unwavering loyalty to Evabond come unstuck, along with their ambitions, principles and even the reality of the interrogation room itself.

Wake up Calls and Wrong doings at the Stop off Motel (2012)


(Small Scale Touring Southwest / National)

Director / Dramaturg

Sarah and Jonathan wake up together in a Las Vegas motel room with pounding headaches and only vague recollections of the night before. In a mission to discover the truth, they piece together the facts using a combination of clues and lively re-enactments.

About a Bench (2011)


(Small scale Touring, Southwest)

(Director / Dramaturg)

Join two inseparable drifters as they try to find out where they are, where they were going and even where they came from, watch a whole love story unfold in ten minutes and discover what happens when you meet yourself.