Palores Productions / Kernow King

Trevithick! (2016 /17)

Small / Midscale Touring


A Biographical Comedy which tells the true story of Richard Trevithick, one Cornwall’s Greatest sons.  A story that will light a fire in your belly, bring joy to your heart and set your brain whirring like the four way valve on the mighty steam engine that the great man himself revolutionised.

‘a fun and fact-filled 75 minutes putting the 19th Century genius firmly into his rightful place in history…the comic timing is spot on and the Director, Kneehigh’s Simon Harvey keeps things tight’.

- Reviews Hub

The Cornish Caretakers (2017/18/19)

(Director / Dramaturg)

It’s the last day of the trading for the Kernow Museum and caretakers Jenny and Ed have to clear up all of the old exhibits before the building is turned into luxury flats. Sounds like a simple job, but each box contains a story inspired by a Great historical Cornish figure and like all good stories, they have to be told! 

A fifty minute romp through Cornwall’s glorious history originally performed at The Royal Cornwall Museum.

Written by Ed Rowe, Starring Ed Rowe and Jenny Beare.  Directed by Simon Harvey